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Berus services

With Berus automation, everything is on a 100% accurate autopilot! Discover our
first class, technologically advanced services and collaborate with us to enjoy
development and growth.

Automation of retail applications

It is no coincidence “Automation” starts with an “A”! Every action, plan, software
and module we produce starts with automation in its core.

Self-servicing equipment

Service may not always be available when needed. This is why at Berus we have
developed client applications and client-server automation software systems with
self-servicing equipment.

Processing of media and electronic content

It is well know nowadays that content is the King! At Berus, we are offering you fast,
precise and creditable processing of all your media and electronic content.

Workplace automation software

There is no place where improvement by using Berus software is more visible than
the workplace. Trust us to create unrivaled web interfaces with full development and
technical support covering both your workforce and your consumer needs.

Third party integration

In today’s online environment, proper integration with third parties is many times a
“make or break” situation. We provide API’s and other integration mechanisms
which guarantee consistent connectivity.

Distributed databases

In case of especially increased performance needs and very low fault tolerance,
Berus can offer you distributed databases tailored to your particular needs.

Equipment and peripherals support

Berus develops modules and tools which support a wide variety of equipment and
peripherals, as well as integration with ancillary services of external parties.

Core systems management

We have your core systems at the core of what we do! Berus provides you all the
right tools for management, analysis and administration of all your core systems.

Error correction

Are your systems suffering from bugs and errors of the past? Berus can help you by
providing error correction services for issues not detected earlier.

Software optimization

Sometimes, you need to push programs to the limit and run them at 100% of their
capacity. Berus has the solutions that will allow for full software optimization and


No matter your needs, requirements, demands or wishes, we can customize it! All
are services are finalized as well as updated, according to your requirements.

Preventive maintenance

Avoid the consequences of equipment failure with Berus’ preventive maintenance
services of the information systems databases.


All the documentation you will need for technical as well as end user purposes will
be prepared by the experts of Berus.

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