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The Importance of Preventive Maintenance for IT Systems
The Importance of Preventive Maintenance for IT Systems


IT systems are widely used in retail to increase employee productivity, manage cash and inventory, as well as stay competitive in the industry. Many businesses have already integrated internet technologies in their workplace. However, one thing they often forget is to plan preventive maintenance sessions needed to keep the technology running smoothly.

Preventive maintenance is a crucial part of housing IT structures in your business. After all, the cost and responsibilities of handling IT interface don’t end with the initial investment and installation. In fact, that’s only where the costs begin. Luckily, you can save a lot of money on IT infrastructure repairs by actually implementing preventive maintenance.

What is Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is a common term used to describe maintenance procedures performed regularly to prevent the maintained software or equipment from malfunctioning. Much like anything in life, IT software is less likely to malfunction and stop working if you maintain them in time. Proper and consistent maintenance reduces the chance of failure and ensures the entire team that their system is powerful and trustworthy.

Preventive maintenance procedures are usually implemented while the equipment is in full operation mode. This allows you to track whether the structure malfunctions or not. We can also recognize two different types of preventive maintenance, including the following:

  • Time-based preventive maintenance – The type of maintenance implemented at regularly at an already set time. This type of maintenance includes regular inspection needed to ensure the smooth operation of software or equipment.
  • Usage-based preventive maintenance – This type of preventive maintenance includes more detailed upkeep procedures triggered by a certain usage statistic. For instance, a vehicle usually goes under a preventive maintenance procedure after a certain amount of kilometers is passed. Internet software solutions and other types of IT equipment require regular usage-based upkeep to prevent malfunctioning and breakdowns.

Regardless of which type you’re looking at, preventive maintenance has become a requirement that must not be overlooked. If you’re not planning for preventive maintenance in the future, chances are your IT structure is at risk.

The Consequences of Poor Maintenance

  • You know what they say, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. The same proverb can apply here, especially when it comes to preventive maintenance for IT systems. There is a lot your business can lose because of poor maintenance policies. After all, the cost of IT system repairs is far greater than the cost of monthly or annual maintenance procedures. With that said, here are the consequences you’ll face for neglecting preventive maintenance for IT systems:
  • Broken system components – Lack of maintenance can result in more frequent malfunctions that lead to broken system components or, even worse, entire system failure. It only takes one piece of the puzzle to fall out of place for the entire IT system. A crashed system will cause lots of trouble and headache both to employees and those on higher positions within the organization.
  • Additional costs – As if all the money you’re putting into your business wasn’t enough, you will have to pay extra costs for all the fixes and repairs your system might need. Since repairing IT systems costs a lot more than implementing preventive maintenance techniques, some businesses find themselves trapped after a system failure. The main reason is the lack of budget for costly and time-consuming repairs. However, if you invest time into regular check-ups and maintenance sessions, you won’t have to worry about system crashes is another one of many business expenses.
  • Team frustration – Imagine working in a retail shop with a line of customers waiting for their turn on the cash register and the system suddenly crashes. The entire team would have to face a line of unhappy customers, which can lead to increased stress and frustration at the workplace. Frequent system breakdowns can also damage the reputation of your business, especially in the retail industry or customer support service space. With proper preventive maintenance, your team will be able to fully rely on their system without worrying about sudden and unexpected crashes.
  • Poor customer experience – Besides the employees getting frustrated by poor IT systems and frequent equipment failure, your customers will be unsatisfied as well. If your IT system is closely related to customer service, your business could be at risk of losing good clients due to bad maintenance policies. All it takes is a maintenance plan and several yearly check-ups to make sure the IT tech is fully operational. By allowing customers to enjoy a better experience, your business will slowly gain an edge over the competition and rise as the leader of the industry, regardless of your niche.
  • Losing valuable time – Last but not least, frequent IT system crashes could cost not only money but time. With time being our most valuable asset, you don’t want to waste it on tech repairs every few months. Instead, focus on carrying out preventive maintenance sessions several times per year and you won’t have to worry about any bad consequences. In some situations, it might take a lot longer than expected to have a section of the IT system fixed. Even though you can make up for the failed systems by replacing the malfunctioned parts, this method is not recommended for businesses that are trying to stay within the budget.

Upkeep Your Systems Properly

Preventive maintenance requires a great deal of planning that includes analyzing your IT infrastructure and recognizing elements that require frequent check-ups. This can be a huge challenge for those who choose to embark on the journey alone. However, with professional help at your side, you won’t have to worry about time and expenses that go into preventive maintenance.

In order to keep all your systems running at all times, consider getting professional help at Berus, a company that takes pride in providing superb automation and self-servicing equipment. Besides developing custom IT solutions for your business, Berus offers a variety of other services, including workplace automation and preventive maintenance procedures.

All you have to do to get started is to reach out to customer support at Berus’ website and learn more about the services they offer. Berus provides effective preventive maintenance solutions that prevent equipment failure and similar damage. Besides planning and developing accurate software solutions, Berus offers superb after-sale services and customer support features.

The Sooner the Better

To wrap it all up, it is important to address once again the overall importance of preventive maintenance for IT systems and infrastructures. Many businesses consider maintenance to be a set of procedures that aims to fix or repair a broken or malfunctioned piece of software or hardware. However, the IT system doesn’t have to be broken for you to maintain it.

On the contrary, maintenance should be carried out even before there is a malfunction of any sort within your IT system. The name “preventive” on its own implies that this type of maintenance procedures are meant to stop potential threats and eliminate consequences of poor systems and frequent failures. Another reason why you should focus on preventive maintenance, in general, is the growing number of cybersecurity attacks on the web.

Cybersecurity has become one of the major concerns for businesses all over the world. Without proper preventive maintenance, your team won’t be able to recognize any security threats within the system. This can cause massive disasters from data theft to unauthorized access to confidential files. There is no doubt that maintenance procedures are mandatory for maintaining a healthy network nowadays.

With all that said, we recommend contacting the professionals at Berus for more information about their preventive maintenance services and similar products. Don’t forget the consequences you could face if you choose to skip maintenance for a month or two, especially if your business has already integrated advanced technologies.

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