Development, automation and support
Retail Automation – A Self-Run System

Every retail outlet, whether a small-town shop or a giant retailer like Amazon, strives to offer the best prices by minimizing costs, and offer convenience and speedy response, all to wrap up a memorable experience for their customers.  To do all that, it all rounds down to one thing – automation. Automation is, without question, fundamental to a retail business. For example, to initiate a promotion to drive more customers into your shop, you need to understand what shopping and payment experiences impress them. So, you go for a fluid system that…

The 5 Vs of Big Data and Why they Matter in Business 

  Organizations collect structured, unstructured or even semi-structured data on a daily basis. As a consequence, every modern-day organization now has to deal with big data. Big data has five main characteristics, which are referred to as the five Vs of big data: velocity, variety, volume, value, and veracity. Let's have a look at each of these Vs and their impact on business.   • Velocity  The velocity of data has to do with the speed at which data is received and analyzed. High-velocity data streams into memory as opposed to going…

Components of IOT and relation with Cloud Computing

What is IoT ? Internet of Things (IoT) is an ecosystem of connected physical objects that are accessible through the Internet (formal definition). So, in simple terms, IoT means anything that can be connected to the internet and can be controlled/ monitored using the internet from our smart devices or PCs. The “things” specified here can be anything from small tracking chips to actual smart cars on road all these can be categorized as IoT. All things that are connected to the internet are assigned with IP to it so that it can be monitored…

Workplace Automation Driving Efficiency

There is a raging debate about workplace automation and its impact on the economy, with particular fears on job losses.  That’s not a debate we would like to wade in now. Today, every business process, right from production to the point of sale, is on the table for automation. While a few years ago, it was difficult for small business enterprises to explore automation. Back then, it was purely associated with robotics, and only huge multinationals with the financial muscles could adopt it. It’s not to say robots are no longer relevant. In…

Banks Should Encourage Adoption of B2B Payment Automation

  Banks that would like to build better relationships with their commercial clients should spearhead efforts on the part of those clients to automate their B2B payments.  Not only do banks benefit by helping their clients improve cash flows and improve creditworthiness with their vendors, the use of an automated B2B payment system can significantly reduce the possibility of fraudulent transactions, which helps both the bank and its clients better manage risk.     The Federal Reserve Board's 2013 Payment Studies white paper notes that…

Enhancing retail banking productivity with RPA and MI

Rapidly evolving automation technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Machine Learning (MI) can partially replace and cut down costs associated with business processes performed by people. In many cases, Robots can be trained to do many jobs. One of the big industries where processes can benefit greatly from RPA and ML is Retail and Commercial Banking. Customer Profiling Banks and financial institutions require customers to provide information about themselves and their financial standing through a variety of channels - paper…

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