Development, automation and support

Company history

At the dawn of the twenty first century, a few ambitious and talented young techs,
joined forces to create Berus. The name of the company is a variation of the Latin
word “vērus” and means “true”, “real”, “proper”, “suitable”. And this is exactly what
Berus means today in the automation software industry!

Berus, along with other pioneers in the field has revolutionized the way automation
systems in retail applications are implemented. From the unstable, many times
murky and questionable environment of the early 2000’s, Berus has helped the
industry make giant leaps by developing state-of- the-art automation software. Our
products have helped companies all over the world to reach out, literally, to millions
of customers and enjoy an unprecedented growth of business.

Berus has been steadily expanding since its founding. What was once a small
basement space filled with cables and noisy computer terminals is now, through
hard work, dedication and pure talent a Group of Companies in the heart of the
modern city of Vilnius, Lithuania, which employees more than 120 highly skilled and
ultra competent persons.

Our goal

Automation is in the core and the center of everything we do! Our goal is to offer
software for automation systems which covers the needs of every client, regardless
of size and do this with speed, efficiency and, most importantly, at the most
competent prices.

The Berus innovation knows no borders and no boundaries. Our products reach
every country and territory in the world, across all continents. Coupled with our
second to none adherence to deadlines and the maximum degree of responsibility
and attention to each and every detail, Berus has been constantly receiving more
than positive feedback from its hundreds of global clients.

The future

What is now bright will become even brighter in the future! We, the Berus people,
would never be happy to just “rest on the laurels” of the past. The driving force and
the flame burning within us since our first day of operations are still here, stronger
than ever. Berus’ plans for expanding cover both its scale of activities as well as its
geographical location.

By using next generation technologies and employing the talents of disruptive, highly
motivated and intelligent people, we constantly create new program modules and
update our existing ones. Moreover, Berus is actively pursuing its ambitious plan of
expanding geographically, first to the Europe and then to the rest of the world.

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