Development, automation and support

Automation of retail applications

  • It is no coincidence “Automation” starts with an “A”! Every action, plan, software and module we produce starts with automation in its core.

Self-servicing equipment

  • Client applications.
  • Client-server automation software systems.

Processing of media and electronic content

  • Fast, precise and creditable.
  • For media and electronic content.

Workplace automation software

  • Web interfaces with full development.
  • Technical support covering both your workforce and your consumer needs.

Third party integration

  • We provide API’s and other integration mechanisms which guarantee consistent connectivity.

Distributed databases

  • Distributed databases tailored to your particular needs.

Equipment and peripherals support

  • Modules and tools which support a wide variety of equipment and peripherals.
  • Integration with ancillary services of external parties.

Core systems management

  • Tools for management.
  • Analysis.
  • Administration of all your core systems.

Error correction

  • Providing error correction services.
  • Detecting undetected issues.

Software optimization

  • Solutions for software optimization and coverage.


  • Requirements.
  • Demands.
  • Wishes.

Preventive maintenance

  • Avoid the consequences of equipment failure with Berus’ preventive maintenance services of the information systems databases.


  • Documentation for technical and end user purposes
You can consult our specialist

Our competences


of client applications and client-server software systems, web interfaces for the automation of workplaces


correcting errors and fixing problems that were not detected earlier, optimization of the program under various operating conditions


of retail applications and workplaces of personnel and consumer interfaces


preparation of technical and user documentation, providing APIs and other integration mechanisms for cooperation with third-party (third-party) products

Berus today

Welcome to the Berus world! We are a company of constant development, unrivaled excellence and technical superiority with a clear mission: to be the automatic choice, when it comes to automation systems development! This has been our goal from Day 1 and has never ceased to be first and foremost in our thoughts. Be it software for home, industrial, office, energy, broadcast or any other automation systems, Berus offers unique advantages with a level of technology and services way above the industry’s average.

How do we do it? We are, ourselves, a team of software specialists, who back in the early 2000’s decided to take automation software to a new dimension. During the following years, we manned Berus with the crème de la crème of software professionals, real “tech unicorns”, thus creating a bigger, better as well as hugely motivated team.

Nowadays, the Berus name has become a synonym of automation! However, during its almost two decade long history, the company has expanded its activities in more fields than one, successfully moving into processing of media and electronic content, third party integration, distributed databases, equipment and peripherals support, core systems management, counseling and user documentation preparation and many more.

Our motto “Citius, Altius, Fortius, Berus!” is inspired by the Olympic motto meaning “Faster, Higher, Stronger”. And this is exactly where we can take you, as champions of technology. In the competitive, ever changing environment of today, you can discover the limitless possibilities of collaborating with Berus and see how your products and services can improve vastly with our assistance. Because, when it comes to automation solutions, you are automatically in good hands with us!

About company
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